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Develop Products

If it seems like we’re awash in new products, it’s because we are.  Over the past several years, between 150,000 to 200,000 products have been introduced each year.  An astounding 95 percent of those fail to make the grade.

The few that survive share some key qualities.  They solve a problem and/or a need.  They’re innovative, often in many ways.  And, they deliver what they promise.

At Harman Atchison, our research insights help you identify your product’s success potential and, more importantly, we help you improve on that potential.  Anything less is a waste of your time and money.  If you’re interested in making your new venture a success, you should consider the following studies:

Category & White Space Assessment

Understanding the field in which you play or want to play is vital to success.  We can help you identify your current market and your product’s place in it, understand your category and its opportunities, and determine what drives consumers to purchases products in your category.  To do this, we evaluate:

  • The Category And Your Position
    • Penetration
    • User Profiles
    • Category Drivers
    • Key Brands
    • Behavior Dynamics
  • Brand Elasticity
  • Consumer Needs & Benefits Sought

Concept Development, Prioritization & Refinement

It’s important to “get everything right” when developing new products and services. Whether you are evaluating, prioritizing pipeline opportunities, optimizing, you need an edge. We’re here to help. We can lend a hand with positioning, packaging, advertising messages and your benefit messages. Our goal is to maximize your potential.

  • Platform Screening
  • Core Idea/Concept Screening
  • Concept Attribute/Bundle Testing (Conjoint/Discrete Choice, Max-Diff)
  • Concept Testing Programs
  • Concept Driver Analysis and Optimization
  • Positioning, Messaging and/or Claims Testing
  • Brand Name Evaluation
  • Packaging Evaluation
  • Pricing Studies (Van Westendorp, Conjoint Based, Laddering)

Product Testing & Optimization

Of course you want your product to live up to its full potential. We are well versed in all phases of product testing from early prototypes to final product  and we know how to provide R&D with clear optimization direction in order to satisfy consumers.

  • Concept Fulfillment
  • Sensory Testing (Home Use Tests, Central Location Tests, In-Unit Testing)
  • Product Optimization (Penalty Analysis, Correlation/Regression Based or Mean Drop Analysis Based)
  • Line or Flavor Optimization (TURF Analysis, MaxDiff or Traditional)